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What is the difference between a CNC engraving and milling machine?

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:56:04Click:4412

What is the difference between a CNC engraving and milling machine?

Many new house-customized bosses did n’t know how to choose when they started to choose machines. Many bosses have recently asked me this question. Then let Ling Yue CNC tell you about it here. Actually, if I want to ask me what is good or bad for CNC engraving and milling machine, I ca n’t really answer it. Let's put it this way: the machine is not good or bad, the money spent is good. The opposite is bad.

Let's say, the motors of the machines on the market are the most from Leisai, Delta and Yaskawa. Among them, Leisai is cheaper, Delta is second, and Yaskawa is more expensive. The quotation when selecting the machine is also compared with this. There are some basic functions, such as cylinder positioning, automatic tool setting, auxiliary feeding wheel, etc. These functions are some basic things. There is also not much cost. Some manufacturers, especially large manufacturers, like to make a lot of configuration, and in the end, they are all basic things that are not important. When you choose the machine, pay attention to several places, the brand of the servo motor, the power of the main shaft, the structure of the bed (high speed of the H type, high stability of the T type), and reducer (basically use Xinbao now) ), And system (Shanlong, Weihong, Xindai, Baoyuan, etc.).

Another point is that regardless of the big factory and the small factory, the difference between their machines is really small, and even the price of the big factory can be higher, but the advantage of the big factory is that they care more about the reputation, so the general after-sales problem will be dealt with. More timely. But that's not to say that the after-sales problem of Xiaochang people is not good. This boss should take a closer look before touching a brand.