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What are the application areas of CNC engraving and milling machines

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:48:03Click:4347

What are the application areas of CNC engraving and milling machines

CNC engraving and milling machine equipment can be used for straight cutting, special-shaped cutting, vertical hole drilling, whole house customization, etc. of various wooden materials, which meets the cutting of more plate furniture occupations, and is efficient and convenient.

Scope of CNC engraving and milling machine: Suitable for furniture, home improvement, paint-free doors, woodworking decoration, wooden crafts, cabinet doors, screens, three-dimensional wave boards, advertising, precision instrument shell processing, musical instruments and other occupations. Machinable materials: various wood materials, plastics, concrete insulation materials, PVC, acrylic, two-color boards, ABS boards and other non-metal materials. In recent years, cabinets have moved doors, and the whole house custom home improvement industry has become increasingly popular. However, the traditional method of opening materials is not high in power and wastes manpower and resources. Then the question comes: how can cabinets and panel furniture be saved? Concluded: CNC engraving and milling machine, full active plate furniture production line!

1 panel furniture with the increasing demand in the Chinese market for nearly a year constituted blowout development, CNC engraving and milling machines rely on the traditional open saw operation of rigid, unable to cut special shapes, rigid operation and other shortcomings, CNC engraving and milling machine can do arbitrary The special-shaped cut requires only one person to operate, and the utilization rate of the plate reaches 2.85 square meters.

2 The traditional cutting saw requires two people to lift the board back and forth to adjust the scale. The back pain caused by the tired feeding, and the lack of a vacuum cleaner on the cutting machine will cause great harm to the operator's body.

3, CNC full-automatic loading and unloading machine, in conjunction with the edge-sealing reversing line, only one person can complete the material-sealing and edge-sealing, which greatly increases the production power and saves a lot of manual labor costs.

4. Generally, the blanking machine opens the sheet about 120-1500 square meters, and the active loading and unloading machine is about 150-180 square meters, especially for the custom panel furniture profession. The special-shaped products that once caused you headaches can now be easily handled.

5. The CNC engraving and milling machine is a fully CNC fool-type operation. Whether it is a general opener or active loading and unloading, you only need to hire a female worker to easily get it.

6 CNC engraving and milling machine asked you to calculate the scale on your drawing. You only need to enter the scale on the computer to complete the active optimization of the board. And zero fault allows you to no longer have to worry about calculating the wrong scale and causing sheet waste.

7 The same opener can also cut reliefs and cut openwork. In addition to the different configurations of the opener and the carving machine, the opener needs fast speed, high precision, stable cutting function for a long time, and cut. The board has no sawtooth, melamine does not collapse, the cut surface is smooth and free of burrs, and the cut board is not easy to break. The CNC engraving and milling machine uses reasonable configuration, common design process, board positioning function, and electronically controlled vacuum adsorption. Save time and effort and save time.