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What knowledge is required to operate CNC engraving machine

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:46:09Click:4283

What knowledge is required to operate CNC engraving machine

 First, first understand the hardness, rigidity, or basic composition and texture of the commonly processed materials:

1. Wood: Generally speaking, the carving on wood is usually overcast, and the depth of the engraving machine is usually deeper. If encountering harder wood will make the engraving machine squeak, this is why we need to consider lower processing speed. Timber cutting. The cutting depth of the CNC engraving machine cannot be too deep. First of all, it will cause great disadvantage to the life of the spindle. The speed cannot be too fast, which will have a greater impact on the cutter and the engraving machine. Material and the power of the engraving machine, if you want to cut very thick wood, you can slow down the cutting speed.

2. Density board: Although the hardness is not high for the density board, if the processing is too fast, the processing surface will be uneven, so the processing speed should be reduced accordingly.

3, because of the texture of the plywood, if the processing is too deep or the speed is too fast, it will lead to inaccurate processing accuracy due to the material sticking knife, so the processing speed of the engraving machine may be slow under the guarantee of efficiency and safety

2. Theoretical knowledge: The training must start with the theoretical training, and the operating staff must hold the practical manipulation training under the environment passed by the theoretical audit. If the theoretical training does not pass, the manipulation training cannot be held. The theoretical knowledge includes safety knowledge, safety prevention knowledge, and basic knowledge of machines. Understanding of the operation panel. Program structure and basic knowledge.

3.Knife recognition: The cutter of the engraving machine is also an indispensable link. First of all, clarify the difference in the meaning of engraving and cutting, the understanding of props and the basic understanding of paths. Operators must be aware of common tools, speeds of engraving motors, travel rates, and detailed incidents, and must be familiar with the application of tools. To do things must be bold and careful.

Fourth, mechanical origin and workpiece origin: We must be clear about the difference between the mechanical origin and the workpiece origin, and understand how to use the mechanical origin.

V. Software operation: Software training can be held only after passing the above training. The training of the software should be in the scope of user applications; unnecessary aspects for users can be self-learned according to the training manual. The requirements of the software are: basic knowledge of the software, basic operation, path generation, and ability to quickly find path errors.