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The rapid development of industrial science and technology demand has driven the rapid development of the NC machinery industry, which is changing day by day. It has a great technical impact on each industry and constantly updates the equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high industry suitability.

 Blacksmith Machinery Co., Ltd. advances with the times, adhering to the strength of Taiwan's world-leading export of machine tools, along with the growth and expansion of Taiwan's machinery industry, with decades of mechanical assembly technology and imported brand-name installation, testing tools and High-quality spare parts from famous factories have produced batches of high-quality precision, high-efficiency CNC tool machines.

Blacksmith Machinery Company was established in 2001 in an environment of rapid innovation and change in the tool and machine tool market. With its in-depth research on metal cutting processing, and the development and integration of innovative products, it has carried out resources in the machine tool industry chain. Comprehensive and effective integration to create sustainable business value for customers from idea to market.

After years of development, it has quickly become a CNC machine tool company with the most potential for development, integrating R & D, production, sales and service.