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Use of CNC machining center

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:38:39Click:4553

Use of CNC machining center

简介 Introduction of CNC machining center:

Wire cutting machine refers to electric discharge wire cutting. It was invented in the former Soviet Union in 1960. It is used in China for industrial production and processing.

Wire cutting machine classification:

The wire cutting is divided into three types with achievable accuracy and finish: fast-moving wire cutting, middle-feeding wire cutting, and slow-feeding wire cutting

Wire cutting machine:

I may be curious when I first come into contact with a CNC machining center. Why can a wire be used to process copper, iron, gold and silver? Is this wire very hard? Wrong, in fact, wire cutting machine tools use electrical discharge to process, mainly to see the melting point of the metal, to perform electrical erosion.

范围 Wire cutting machine processing range:

1. Processing all kinds of molds: metal molds, plastic molds, automobile molds, compound molds

2. Processing all kinds of mechanical parts and products: gears, chains, arbitrary graphic crafts.

3. Processing error-level precision parts, special upper and lower shapes, forming tools, etc.

范围 Wire cutting machine use range:

The CNC machining center is simple and simple. As long as the gadget is conductive, it can be processed and cut. High-precision parts as high as aerospace technology, as low as workpiece slicing, will use wire cutting machine tools, and fast-moving wire cutting and middle-wire cutting are unique "imported products" in China.