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Different classification of CNC engraving and milling machine

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:37:06Click:4549

Different classification of CNC engraving and milling machine

The principle of numerical control engraving and milling machine for numerical control equipment is that as the machine tool moves, the cutting tool provided with the machine is used to cut the object. Depending on the type of cutting, CNC engraving and milling machines also have

Different classifications. Currently there are several flame cutting machines, ion cutting machines, laser cutting machines and so on.

NC flame cutting machine has large thickness carbon steel cutting ability and lower cutting cost, but it has the disadvantages of large cutting deformation, low cutting accuracy, low cutting speed, long cutting preheating time and long piercing time. Operational needs. Its application is mainly limited to carbon steel, large thickness sheet cutting.

Plasma cutting has a wide cutting area and can cut all metal plates with fast cutting speed and high efficiency. Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, pollution by dust, harmful gases and arc light, and can effectively improve the working environment. In addition, there are fine plasma cutting, which has made its cutting quality close to the level of laser cutting. At present, with the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting range of CNC plasma cutting machines has been widened.

NC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high precision. The laser cutting machine is expensive and the cutting cost is high. At present, it is only suitable for thin plate cutting and high precision requirements.

CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting any material, with high cutting accuracy, no thermal deformation, and environmentally friendly cutting method. Its disadvantages are slow cutting speed, low efficiency and high cutting cost.

Other CNC engraving and milling machines: including CNC pipe cutting machines, CNC steel cutting machines, CNC bevel cutting machines. These special cutting CNC equipment are mainly used for CNC cutting of various special profiles. At present, manufacturers in the market are not popular.

On the whole, CNC engraving and milling machines have become very popular. Different cutting methods make the cutting quality and efficiency of processing different. However, from a broad perspective, CNC cutting has solved some previously difficult to solve. Construction difficulties have greatly improved processing efficiency in downstream industries. This has a positive significance for many processing industries.