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Components of mechanical unit of CNC engraving machine

Author: Time:2019-12-17 11:32:32Click:4501

Components of mechanical unit of CNC engraving machine

The mechanical part as the main body of the whole CNC engraving machine movement and work must first emphasize the structural rigidity. Only when it is strong enough, can it meet the requirements of engraving well. The engraving machine mainly has two structures: gantry mobile and table mobile. In amateur conditions, the mobile structure of the worktable is more suitable for DIY, and it is easier to obtain good rigidity. Functionally divided into the following units:

(1) Rack unit: The frame of the engraving machine. Other units rely on this frame to achieve their functions.

(2) Spindle unit: Usually refers to the power motor used to perform engraving work, to be in close contact with the material being engraved, and the high-speed rotating click to drive the engraving tool to perform rotary milling on the material to be engraved.

(3) Transmission unit: It consists of three main bodies: stepping motor, screw rod and coupling. The transmission unit is the movement execution unit of the entire engraving machine, and it is also an important factor that determines the accuracy.

(4) Sliding unit: The sliding unit is mainly for supporting the transmission unit to form a transmission sliding table. Consists of tracks and sliders.

The power of the CNC engraving and milling machine adopts three-phase AC ~ 220V power supply. First, the NFB (non-fuse circuit breaker) is used to protect the power line, and the circuit is cut off when overcurrent occurs; then NF (noise filter) is used to prevent external clutter from entering the power line And reduce the interference of the clutter generated by the servo motor to the outside world; MC (magnetic contactor) is used to switch on / off the main power of the servo motor. Generally, the magnetic contactor should be used in combination with a surge absorber; (Reactor) to reduce harmonics in the mains.