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Season maintenance method of CNC engraving and milling machine

Author: Time:2019-12-14 17:37:25Click:4563

During use, be sure to maintain the engraving and milling machine. The machine needs to be maintained every season of the year, especially in the two extreme environments of summer and winter. If the user is in the south, the weather temperature is more suitable, which will not cause much impact on the engraving and milling machine, but the air humidity in the south is relatively large. The engraving and milling machine is more suitable for working in an environment with dry air and suitable temperature. Life will last longer. In the north, especially in Heilongjiang and other places, especially in winter, the temperature is extremely low. At the same time, the spindle of many engraving and milling machines is water-cooled. If the temperature is too low, the spindle and the circulating water pipe will be easily frozen, and the spindle may be easily damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose antifreeze instead of water. If conditions permit, it is better to choose air-cooled instead of water-cooled spindle when purchasing engraving and milling machine. The north air is relatively dry and suitable, which is more appropriate. The guide rails (square rails or compasses) and racks of the engraving and milling machine should be cleaned and oiled frequently for maintenance, and the wires should be checked for aging or broken to avoid causing leakage. Do not open the control cabinet easily, there are many control devices inside, please check and maintain by professionals.

Analysis of Control System of CNC Engraving and Milling Machine

Satisfy In order to meet the control requirements of CNC engraving and milling machines, CNC systems generally need to have the following basic functions:

①Motion control function: control each servo motor (or stepper motor) of CNC machine according to the given trajectory individually or coordinately (linked, synchronous movement), control the number of axes from a single axis to dozens of axes;

Logic control function: control various digital switching elements of numerical control machinery to act in a prescribed order (such as: valve on and off);

③Signal measurement function: online measurement of certain physical quantity changes (such as pressure, tension, temperature, etc.) and switching state during the operation of CNC machinery, providing necessary information for the implementation of related control, monitoring and diagnostic functions;

④Human-computer interaction function: used for the interaction between the CNC system and the operator, including user interface, control panel, etc .;

⑤Programming function: Provide programming language, programming interface and programming tools, etc. for the convenience of users to write programs that control the running process of numerical control machinery represented by characters or graphics;

⑥ Compensation function: Compensate for geometric errors (such as backlash compensation, pitch error, synchronization error compensation, etc.) caused by various factors such as manufacturing, assembly, thermal deformation, and wear of CNC machinery;

⑦Protection function: the protection provided to the equipment when the CNC machine is interrupted due to a fault (such as needle breakage and yarn break protection of the CNC knitting machine);

⑧Communication function: It is used to exchange information and data between the CNC system and the outside world, such as various communication interfaces and field buses.